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Supported exchange Huobi
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The Base Scanner is where it all started in 2017. The base strategy is also known as the QFL trading method. The scanner works by automatically analyzing the market history for each available market. The base scanner automatically checks the current prices against the bases and notifies you at your preferred notification level. Bases are calculated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No more endless searching for the right opportunities!
What do others say?
Luc (QFL)
Since I installed CryptoBaseScanner I have been using it every day. I love that there are charts provided with each alert and the Bases Respected section under the chart gives you an idea of your odds of a successful trade. This is a must have App for me.
Benoist (CEO)
Since I've created the app and started using it, I've spend more time on analyzing the charts after receiving an alert. This is a lot more efficient than trying to find the right market to trade. The market statistics provided by the app, give you that extra boost of confidence.
Dale M. (Trader)
The most daunting part of the QFL trading method is finding the bases and breaks. The Crypto Base Scanner does the tedious work of combing through charts for me which allows my time to be spent on more important things like family. It finds the breaks and notifies me of what I should look at. Specifically, it found the Hitbtc GET/BTC drop for me on May 14, 2018 and allowed me to enter at 120 sats. With the subsequent price climb I was taking profit all the way up to 700%!!
Core (Trader)
The developers truly listen to its community, listen to feedbacks, and implement them in short time, bugs are fixed in no time, which makes our lives as a trader much simpler. Frankly I'm always surprised when I check the "what's new" page. We are getting new tools all the time, for no added cost, which still amaze me. I wonder where we will go, and this truly excite me. The thing that impressed me above all is the human touch, willingness to help and kindness they always show. For support you don't have to open a thicket like we are so used to now, they have a slack community where you contact them directly, person to person, just WOW. I truly and wholeheartedly support them! Give them at least a free trial, you won't regret it, and probably never look back.
Rafikiwi (Trader)
In todays world time is the only thing you cannot buy. This is not the case with the Cryptobasescanner! By subscribing, you are not only getting a top notch analysis on thousands of charts every month, but also a ton of free time – the time you would otherwise spend on finding charts. I look at the scanner every morning, see what's new, what's worth looking into, I make my analysis, get in a trade and go surfing – simple is that. Amazing work, amazing team, amazing results. Simply love it.
Rey (Trader)
CryptoBaseScanner is the ultimate all in one scanner designed for professional traders. The scanner is proven to help traders to spot the difference between normal price action and abnormal activity. A true gem!
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