Crypto Base Scanner Manual


Please watch these video from QFL. The video will explain the methodology that our scanner has originated from.

More information on the strategy can be found in his other videos.
We would recommend you to watch these videos, maybe even several times to make sure you understand the strategy.

App fundamentals


The app searches for bases automatically and watches the price in respect to each base found.
The app may not draw a base in exactly the same place where Luc would draw them, so knowing the strategy and adjusting to each situation is important.


In the settings you can configure the percentage below a base you would like to be notified when a base break happens (-5% is advised at first).
You can also set how much volume in a 24 hour period is needed to be notified. (0 is good place to start- this will show you every coin that has a base break from your selected markets)
We recommend starting low for both settings to get used to the functionality of the scanner and gradually raising the levels to your preferred settings.

Once a base is broken and reached your percentage level, you will receive a push notification to your mobile or your chrome or firefox browser. If you click on the notification you will receive more details about the coin pair.

Market details

You can see the bases being drawn on the chart and the percentages above or below each base with the coins current price.


Green means the base has been cracked at least -3%. If a coin has not dropped below the -3% threshold it is not considered a crack.


Red means it has been cracked (below -3%) and has already been respected (or returned back to base) this makes the base unsafe to trade.

Market statistics

For each coin pair we give you the median drop below a base, bases respected ratio, and success rate over the past 30 days to help you judge the possibility of success on the current/next base brake.

You can use the scatter chart to see how long it took for bases to be respected. The percentages on the Y axis are how low it went below a base and the X axis is how long it took for that drop to return to the base.

You can also see the other bases on the chart by clicking the arrows just above the chart on the right, this will allow you to see the same details for every base break in the past 30 days.

All of the bases on the chart will be marked as respected (red) if the price has returned to base. This may sound weird in theory, but in our experience most respected bases do so in less than 48 hours. If it takes longer than 48 hours, chances are it might never return or take a really long time to return.


There is also an option in the bases list to filter bases.
Please be aware this filter only changes what base breaks that occurred in the past 24 hrs you will see in your list and not the notification settings.

Saved bases

You can also save bases to keep track of the trades you have taken.
Click on the star (top right corner) to save that base, this will add the market with that particular base to the saved bases tab. (You can also save multiple bases from any chart)
These saved bases are shared between the mobile and web version, so if you receive a notification on your phone and you like a base, you can save it and when you get to your PC to start trading you will easily find it again.